Tennocon 2021 is the biggest yet, purely by numbers.

Warframe’s Relays player hubs were pushed to the ground by hundreds of thousands of players who logged in today for the free-to play action MMO’s annual TennoCon. TennoCon this year features in-game displays in player centers to go along with the livestreamed presentation. A huge flood of Warframe’s most passionate fans has strained the Relay servers to breaking point. You can still play the game, but joining a Relay is more difficult. It’s unlikely that it will happen.

SteamDB and Steamcharts show that over 175,000 Warframe users are currently online. This is just a fraction of the total number of Warframe players. Warframe has an independent client that can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store and runs on five of the major consoles. The total Steam players is still over 10% higher than last year’s peak of just below 155,000.