Virtual ruler will help Google to measure social distance

Along with wearing a mask and regular hand washing, respect for social distance and avoidance of close contacts — one of the most effective measures that minimize the risk of acquiring coronavirus infection. However, since to determine a safe distance to the eye is quite difficult, Google engineers proposed to use the new augmented reality application.

Pilot AR program Sodar outlines around the user of the virtual circle with a radius of two meters and shows, if anyone for him to intercede and approach too closely. As the audit showed Вестей.Ru model Samsung A5 2017 digital tape measure measures quite accurately.

Sodar — use WebXR to help visualise social distancing guidelines in your environment. Using Sodar on supported mobile devices, create an augmented reality two meter radius ring around you. #hacktohelp

– Experiments with Google (@ExpWithGoogle) May 28, 2020

Sodar established on the basis of WebXR API, so is only available in Chrome on Android devices. To start it simply open a web browser project (, click on the Launch button and point the camera at the floor. On the smartphone to install anything no need.

On older versions of Android and Chrome, and in iOS, a new program is not running.

Text: To.Hi-tech