IDC: Apple captured one-third of the market put on electronics

Despite the pandemic coronavirus infection, Apple still has no worthy competitor in the market of “smart” watches, fitness trackers, wireless headphones and other worn electronics. In the I quarter of 2020, the company Tim cook brought the share to 29.3%, set to 21.2 million units. These figures are given in the analytical report of the IDC.

Apple’s Growth year-to-year was 59.9%. For comparison, during the first three months of 2019, the manufacturer of iPhones shipped 13.3 million Apple Watch and AirPods (23,7%).

the share of the nearest competitor, Xiaomi (10.1 million), is estimated at 14%. The third place took Samsung (8.6 million, 11.9 percent), the fourth – Huawei (8.1 million, 11.1 percent). In fifth place with a lag finished Fitbit (2.2 million, 3%).

despite the fact that volumes of deliveries of smart hours Apple Watch dropped due to the instability in the supply chain, Apple is able to achieve good results thanks to the wireless headphones, such as Beats and AirPods. The demand for them, explained to analysts, was due to the desire of people to buy high-quality headset with the transition to a remote format work and study.

Samsung, though, and got the bronze medal, recorded the highest growth (+71,7%). As noted in the IDC, this Korean firm has helped a new model of headphones Galaxy Buds+ (read our review), which is louder – through increased by 40% the size of the speakers and twice as long running on battery power.

the Entire market put on electronics for the first quarter of the year increased by 29.7%, from 56 to 72.6 million units.

Text: To.Hi-tech