The series’ numbers two, three, five and six are all free. You want to find out what happened to number four? Continue reading.

Indiegala recently gave away the original Leisure Suit Larry for free, and now is following up with three more games in the saga of the hapless loser. This is Leisure Suit Larry 2 – Looking for Love in Several Wrong places, Leisure Suit Larry 3 – Passionate Patti Pursuits the Pulsating Pectorals, as well as Leisure Suit Larry 5 – Passionate Patti does a little undercover work. You might be wondering where the fourth game is. It’s a bit of a story.

Al Lowe, creator of the series, wanted to create a trilogy. The third game had an ending that tied everything together. Due to the rush to finish Larry 3, he became sick of it all and stated that he would never make another Leisure Suit Larry 4. Lowe later changed his mind and decided to skip straight to Leisure Suit Larry 5. In which Larry is amnesic and has forgotten an entire series of adventures,