Murray’s head replaces an item every day, until Frontiers updates arrive.

No Man’s Sky turned five years ago recently. We learned that Frontiers is a new free expansion.

We don’t know when Frontiers will be coming or what it might contain. One No Man’s Sky fan became tired of waiting and wondering. Winder Sun, a video producer, began to alter Sean Murray’s smile into No Man’s Sky as a protest. A new object. Each day. Till the expansion arrives.

Although it’s quite chilling, it’s all fun. Winder Sun started by placing Murray’s face onto an exocraft. Then, he added it to portals and warps so when you fast-travel, you are being pulled right into Murray’s swirling face.

Next was mapping Murray’s face onto the blobs. These are bulbous creatures that can be found hopping around in alien landscapes. Winder Sun now has a small Sean Murray head slithering about inside their base, as you can have blobs in the little terrariums. Winder Sun’s character is also modded to look exactly like Sean Murray. This is quickly becoming a scene from Being John Malkovich.

We are hopeful that Frontiers will arrive soon. Winder Sun already has Sean Murray’s head on the planetary flora. This means that the alien world is literally covered in Murray smiles. Murray’s head is on every leaf of grass, shrubs and flowers. Yikes.

It’s amazing to imagine where it will go. Murray-face freighters? A Murray-face Space Anomaly A map of interstellar space where Sean Murray is the face? We might find out if Frontiers doesn’t arrive by the end of this week.