When it comes to money, there should be no misunderstanding: A car charged to the Fund by young people. It is significantly more expensive than a monthly pass or ride the bike.

But frequently, it is not different. In urban areas there are a lot of combinations of housing and the workplace, you can hardly cope with the public transport. On the country the car is often the only possibility to be mobile.

frequently intended for beginners the cash situation, which model is driven. It is important not to look only at the purchase price. The ultimate cost is Used for the maintenance factor.

car to buy for beginners

In the case of a new car, or a daily registration of the buyer because of the guarantee on the safer side. Also, high-wear components such as brakes and tires should keep the first years without complaint. But since even a small car as a daily admission costs a minimum of about 9000 Euro, is the first set of is usually a Used.

Unfortunately, the following shall apply: The older, a Used is, the worse its safety equipment. Before buying an older car, you should check the equipment with Airbags. A vehicle without ESP, you should not buy. The fresh plaque in the main study, an important argument for buying. Promises, however, that the car all round is in order.

among the most important cost blocks of the real-world fuel consumption, the road tax and the cost of the insurance. The prices of the insurance are determined by many factors. In the selection of the vehicle you can affect the so-called type class, because for some cars, significantly more is required than for others. Auto engine variants make a difference here. Simply said: Just a novice should be able to use a high-powered small the Finger car. The average damage over the course of the “Rennsemmeln” will make you a priceless pleasure.

Also to note: small car with basic equipment will be new to Mini-sold at prices or given very low Rates to lease. This is a tempting Option, because you can drive a new car with warranty for relatively little money. But a new car requires fully comprehensive insurance, which raises the cost significantly. You decide Used for a older, you can insure on Full – and also part of the hull. In comparison to the full insurance they halved the cost then almost the insurance, because only the mandatory detention remains mandatory.

Auto: repair-Horror – so you can recognize a good car workshop Fullscreen

workshops are already in the hourly rate is more expensive. Are you also prove no guarantee for best quality, as numerous Tests.

But one thing you should not forget: ex-gratia benefits, which go beyond the obligations from guarantee and Warranty, you can only hope, if you are always in a contract workshop and work.

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