In his new book, secret societies in Bavaria, the Munich-based author Fritz Fenzl (66), a connoisseur of the Supernatural and Mystical, companies in Bavaria and found. The tz presents some of the frets, many of which act more. One thing is clear to him: “Many of the secret societies and religious orders have lofty goals,” says Fenzl, “refinement of the people, the liberation of humanity from the constraints”.

The Guglmänner: The Kini was shot! So the core statement of the Guglmänner, a community, the author Fritz Fenzl “one of the secret most shrouded in secret societies”. The clothing of the men is reminiscent of the Inquisition, but also of the Easter processions as they are in Seville. Fenzl describes the people behind the hoods (Gugel) as a well-groomed, with good manners. This will keep the suicide version of Ludwig’s death for a falsification of history and call for clarification.

Dark Seances at lake Starnberg: A dilapidated Villa in Ammerland at the Starnberger see – here is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, painter, and spiritualist, Gabriel von Max (1840-1915) met to the last turn of the century. A circle, which held a secret black magic sessions. Of Max a member of the German order, a nationalist Association with anti-Semitic goals. In the third Reich, the seed went on. “Rarely are there places where you watch even from the outside, the Un-spirit,” writes Fritz Fenzl.

order of the Golden fleece: The order is almost 600 years old, a note is found in the Church of our lady, at the Cenotaph, the Cenotaph of the Wittelsbacher’s Ludwig the Bavarian (1282 to 1374). In front of the Cenotaph with the figure of the knight Albrecht IV is Around the neck he wears on a chain of the order of the Golden fleece, reminiscent of a RAM’s coat from the antique. The “fleece” is of the house of Habsburg order.

The commander-in-chief field driver: Hanse Schoirer sings “I’m a Hoberfeld, Hoberfeld, hoberfeld driver, racha, saufa, vogeldwuide women…” But in the Real world a commander-in-chief field reaming is not funny, it’s a secret court with Hooded in front of the house of the accused. The commander-in-chief field master follows ancient rituals.

under the mountain: men from the Black stone of The Untersberg, between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg generates a lot of Say. So is a stone in the caves, a stone like the Kaaba in Mecca. Temple knight Hubertus Koch, who arrived in 1226 with the faithful on the lower mountain, experienced alleged revelations. Henceforth, the knight men called themselves the Black stone. Until today, should there be a successor to that of the secret knowledge.

Secret Knowledge from the monastery’s pharmacy: even from the outside you can see the pharmacy in the monastery of Andechs, the houses of Knowledge, to which anyone has access. Three doors, nine Windows – magical symbolism of numbers. In Inner healing scenes from the New Testament, but the recipes are gone. A book was withdrawn from circulation.

author Fritz Fenzl: “the phenomenon of the upper class”

Mr Fenzl, Bayern are the most susceptible to secret societies?

Fritz Fenzl: This is even historically demonstrable, in Ingolstadt, then my favorites are, Yes, created the Illuminati, the Guglmänner, more than a secret society, the Wittelsbach family, and the king Louis faithful. This is also the mentality of the people, however, that the myth lives on, certainly through the mountains, through the many mystical and magical places. Basically, this works in the current policy. The people are obviously fed from any of the circles, and remote-controlled.

What makes you sure that informant to FIB to you…

I am in the book. I want to get away from the Trend of bestselling books about world conspiracy, conspiracy literature, Chemtrails, the ones on top. I don’t think, because they are really hungry for Power, evil and self-centered. I was informed for my book fair, these people do not know, however, that I’ll tell you. My aim is to propagate the idea of secret societies.

Why are organized only in the higher circles in the frets?

It is in fact a phenomenon of the upper layer. Seances at lake Starnberg, meetings for which you need space. A poet and a painter. In England, it was fashion that one of the mummies has come; on the Titanic should have been, should have been a reason for the Decline. The Rich, the bored. The under layer had other things to Worry about, because life was scary enough.

But also the Poorer are fascinated with it…

More to the conspiracy theories. I don’t believe in the big world conspiracy.

Because of the Kini-mentioned: What is your theory of his death?

I was not there, everything is speculation, if the coffin is. But circumstantial evidence suggests that he was murdered. What is detectable is a rule of silence – cover-up strategy, which is valid until today.

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