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These are the five most annoying Emojis


“can’t What speak you, thereof one must be silent” ‚Äď this principle applies, at the latest, since a great philosopher at the beginning of the 20th century. Century has been formulated. On the Smartphone, but this one is different: in Order to replace the communication building blocks, such as facial Expressions and Gestures, we Chat, more and more Emojis. The small icons are to represent any human emotion. And there will always be more.

Ranged long in Online communication punctuation such as a colon a bracket or so ūüôā and :(, are in to services like Whatsapp, all sorts of facial expressions available. But not everything that is possible, you have to do. These five Emoji nervous anyway, to us the most.

The five most annoying Emojis have gelechzt seat 5: The thumb Fullscreen

As much as we are on Facebook, according to the thumbs up for our posts. In chat, however, the thumb of the death of any communication. He means: “Yes.” Even more often it means: “Yes.” In the sense of: Whatever, I just do not have time, is go. In the case of Facebook, the also arrived ‚Äď the Messenger of the company, the thumb is the only Symbol that you can send with a single click immediately.

seat 4: The clapping hands of Fullscreen ©Emojipedia

applause, applause. Also, this Emoji actually gets you likes, it means a praise. Only it speaks, unfortunately, from a linguistic poverty: to send Because someone clapping hands (or similar symbols) as Emoji, it means often that you want to send To a little attention to characters, behind the but little substance. Then why not a “Super”, “Well done” or similar? This takes any more serious than a quickly selected Emoji.

seat 3: The dancer Fullscreen ©Emojipedia

Oh yeah, are you so happy about, you could do that in a red dress dance around the room. Fortunately, we have no Videochat, otherwise I would still notice that you’re sitting tired and bored in the Bus. And it’s seven o’clock in the morning.

seat 2: Pay to Fullscreen ©Emojipedia

It is also allowed in the era of Emojis continue, Numbers to write Numbers rather than Emojis. Numbers up to twelve, you are allowed to write even as a word. Some say you have to. There is little that is so weird, like in a sentence like “We meet at 18”, the 18 with Emojis. Probably needs more time than the two digits on the keypad to enter.

course 1: The tears laughing Emoji Fullscreen ©Emojipedia

Yes, this Emoji is used most frequently, but that doesn’t make it better. On the contrary, Probably makes him the most annoying Emoji at all. Because let’s be honest: when you found something so funny that you have tears? Did you laugh at all times? We also don’t. And certainly not through a chat message. There’s the grin I’smiley too ‚Äď to the hysterical laughs come anyway.

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