Elisabeth Borne was arrested on Friday June 10 by the Rural Families association, which is calling for “an emergency plan” to help households cope with the “new expenses” scheduled for the coming months in terms of energy. The president of the association, Guylaine Brohan, notably asked the Prime Minister and her government to “organize energy meetings”, in a letter dated June 7. “As of this winter, millions of French people will be faced with new expenses that most of them will not be able to afford,” writes Familles Rurales in a study accompanying the letter, published on Friday.

Several regulatory provisions are cited, such as the end of new oil-fired boilers on July 1, then measures on wood heating, as well as the ban on the rental of the worst thermal sieves next year. The measures “will potentially impact 2/3 of French households, most of which will not have the means to pay for them”, according to Famille Rurales.

She worries about the cost to households of installing a new heating system (up to more than 25,000 euros) or renovating an energy strainer (from 15,000 to 60,000 euros). There are, however, aids, but they are considered difficult to read and incomplete, leaving a charge “often dissuasive”.

Inflation, fueled by the rise in the prices of energy and certain food products, is currently giving rise to concerns about purchasing power. As the first round of legislative elections approaches on Sunday, the government is putting forward measures already implemented or promised (food voucher, tariff shield, fuel discount, etc.) but the opposition believes that they are not sufficient.