The opposition pounded Friday in the case of violence near the Stade de France the ministers Gérald Darmanin and Eric Dupond-Moretti, accusing them of not having ensured that all the CCTV images would be kept, even of having intentionally failed to do so to “cover up” supposed “lies”.

CCTV images are systematically destroyed after seven days, unless required by the courts, as provided by law. Those of the police headquarters for this evening of the Champions League final at the end of May have been preserved, but those of the cameras managed by the Stade de France have not been, for lack of a requisition of justice, has we learned Thursday during hearings by the Senate and with the police headquarters.

“It’s called covering your tracks,” denounced Marine Le Pen, RN candidate for the legislative elections in Pas-de-Calais, two days before the first round of the ballot. “I dare not imagine that our leaders are so incompetent that they did not immediately, given the echo that this Stade France affair had, (…) asked that the video surveillance be transmitted to them. ‘is voluntary’ and ‘it’s a destruction of evidence by inaction’, she accused on BFMTV and RMC.

The former presidential candidate attacked MM. Darmanin (Interior) and Dupond-Moretti (Justice): “the fact that there is no video surveillance makes it possible to cover up their enormous lies”, she judged, evoking in particular “the fable of the 40,000 people who had counterfeit notes”.

“We are heading straight for a state scandal”, with an “intentional act” to “make evidence disappear, which is undoubtedly evidence for the prosecution”, abounded on RFI the leader of senators LR Bruno Retailleau , for whom the two ministers “do not assume their responsibilities, that is to say the mess, the disorder, the delinquency”.

David Assouline, PS vice-president of the Senate Law Commission, judged on franceinfo “very serious” that certain images were destroyed after seven days.

But for the delegate president of the LREM group at the Assembly Aurore Bergé, “we have enough elements which allow us to have an investigation”, in particular images “shot multiple times, and by journalists, and by supporters “.

“The images, you have them, they exist, and we have a lot of testimonies and images which should still make it possible to enlighten” the investigators, she estimated on RMC.

Asked whether she nevertheless regretted the disappearance of some of them, Aurore Bergé argued that it was up to the police and the justice system “that we will have to ask the question”.

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