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The rocket Elon musk for the first time trust the astronauts

The rocket Elon musk for the first time trust the astronauts

the National Directorate of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) and founded by the Elon Musk SpaceX company has completed all approvals and checks before starting, which was prepared in 2010. Reusable Falcon 9 first delivered to orbit is not the cargo, and spacecraft Crew Dragon with astronauts on Board.

according to TechCrunch, citing a joint statement, SpaceX and NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will try to send to the International space station on Wednesday, may 27.

NASA said that all tests and inspections required before starting spent. Ended and the rehearsal of the launch, which included a full static fire test of the Falcon 9 engines and the location of Hurley and Behnken in their seats in the vehicle.

However, the launch to be postponed because of weather conditions, which according to the current forecast will be favorable only 40%. Given the importance of the mission, the organizers of the run will probably act carefully and in case of bad weather will take the start on the 30th or 31st of may.

it is Planned that in orbit the astronauts will spend 19 hours using the thrusters to correct the orbit and a test flight in manual mode for 30 minutes immediately before docking with the ISS. On the space station they will spend a few months — the exact date of return, NASA will announce only after 6 to 16 weeks after launch.

a Joint mission with NASA will set a precedent, previously reusable rockets SpaceX astronauts ‘ lives were not trusted. In addition, it will be the first launch of American astronauts from the United States after closing the program “space Shuttle” in 2011 year.

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