Media: Apple earphones will help to monitor the health of

the Next generation of wireless headphones Apple AirPods will receive a light sensor, which will provide users with access to biometric functions. As reported by DigiTimes, citing industry sources, such sensors Apple buys Taiwan firm ASE Technology.

the Sensor fixing the degree of external lighting is available in almost every modern smartphone. In mobile devices it is responsible for automatic brightness control of the display backlight, but what its purpose will be in your Apple earphones that have a screen, remains unclear.

According to one version, in AirPods new sensor will be responsible for tracking the state of health. For example, passing light through the earlobe, it can be used to monitor the level of blood oxygen saturation, or serve to measure temperature and heart rate via skin contact.

Measure your heart rate already know how the latest models of smart watches Apple Watch, and to determine the percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin in arterial blood, presumably, learn the Apple Watch Series 6, which will be released before the end of the year.

As expected, the light sensor will appear in the AirPods in one to two years. Previously respected analyst TF International Securities Min Chi Kuo, who is rarely wrong in their forecasts, said that the next generation of AirPods will be released in early 2021-th, and model AirPods Pro noise reduction system will be updated before 2022-th.

Text: To.Hi-tech