After several days of waiting and negotiations, the new government of Elisabeth Borne will be announced on Friday May 20 in the afternoon, learned Agence France-Presse from the Élysée. The government will thus be formed four days after the appointment as Prime Minister of Elisabeth Borne, who on Thursday affirmed her desire to have “the best team”.

The government will meet on Monday, almost a month after the re-election of the head of state, on April 24, with 58.55% of the vote, against Marine Le Pen (RN), and three weeks before the first round of elections. legislative elections of 12 and 19 June. By Monday, handover ceremonies will take place in the ministries between outgoing and newcomers.

“Obviously we’re not hanging out. I can assure you that we are working on it very closely, ”said Elisabeth Borne on Thursday, pressed by journalists on the expectation of the new government during her first trip to Les Mureaux, in Yvelines. Also questioned about the deadlines, Emmanuel Macron for his part stressed that the formation of a government required “time, substantive exchanges (…), therefore as much time as useful and necessary”.

To prepare it, Elisabeth Borne went to the Élysée several times, consulted the former Prime Ministers Édouard Philippe and Bernard Cazeneuve (ex-PS), as well as political leaders and the social partners.

Marine Le Pen judged Thursday on BFMTV “particularly abnormal” the absence of government “when we know the daily situation of the French”, confronted with the impact of inflation.