It’s obvious at first glance: this profile made up of a long hood, a compact interior and a stocky trunk is that of a BMW. The style is slender – the body is both 10 cm longer (at 4.56 m), 6 cm wider and 3 cm lower than that of the previous model – while remaining remarkably understated. The typical kidney-shaped grille even retains a quite reasonable size in comparison with the sometimes disproportionate one of other recent models of the brand. And, if the general proportions are more reminiscent of those of a reduced 3 Series than of an enlarged 1 Series, it is because this 2 Series Coupé was actually developed on the large platform of the German manufacturer, rather than the small one shared with models in the Mini range.

This technical choice is not a detail since it makes this 2 Series Coupé the most compact BMW that can access the brand’s large engines… In fact, if the mechanical range starts with modest 4-cylinder petrol and diesel of 184 and 190 hp respectively for the 220i and 200d versions, it is already topped by a 6-cylinder in-line engine of 374 hp for the M240i, pending an M2 version which should greatly exceed 400 hp… Figures that allow the Bavarian Coupe to compete with authentic sports cars!

Inside, the dashboard resembles that of a 3 Series with an interface centered on a 10.3-inch touchscreen and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster to prioritize driving information by depending on their preferences. In terms of habitability, it should be borne in mind that this new 2 Series remains a 2 2 coupe. Mean by this that the two small rear seats are only really usable by young children, or possibly, on short journeys, by adults gifted with some contortionist skills.

Even if it means choosing, it is better to sit behind the steering wheel, three branches as it should be. Especially since, as usual at BMW, the driving position is perfect and the maintenance of the M Sport seats with integrated headrests, very good for this M240i version. Worthy of BMW’s reputation, the 6-cylinder turbo can do it all. Well supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission, it is discreet and smooth at low revs, musical and powerful above. If its 374 hp are distributed to the 4 wheels via xDrive all-wheel drive, they go primarily to the rear. A tropism of propulsion dear to BMW enthusiasts, which, combined with direct and precise steering, determines agile and very pleasant behavior on winding roads. Suspension comfort varies with the driving mode chosen, which influences the setting of the shock absorbers. Prices for the 2 Series Coupé start at 41,800 euros for a 220i version, but it costs 59,900 euros for an M240i.


The powerful and musical 6-cylinder

The classic style

agile behavior


The symbolic rear seats