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The former head of HTC, announced the “social” VR-helmet with 5G

The former head of HTC, announced the

XRSpace Startup led by former HTC CEO Peter Chu, announced its first virtual reality helmet – Mova. The product is designed for a mass market: it will be affordable, intuitive and easy to learn interface, and socially-oriented approach that is understandable to a wide range of consumers.

Chu, marked the beginning of the VR-business HTC previously said that the commercially available virtual reality headset too difficult for the average man, and cause him loneliness. To change the situation with a new project “smallest and lightest” standalone VR headset XRSpace Mova.

the Words of a top Manager is far from the truth. As the authors Engadget, familiar with the prototype Mova in February, the device is more like ski goggles with two protruding cameras and it looks about two times less than the Focus from the HTC Vive. The device weighs 470 grams – significantly less than the Oculus Quest (571 g) and Focus (695 g).

Inside installed processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (in Focus and Quest – more powerful 835 minutes), 6 gigabytes of RAM, battery capacity of 4600 mAh (from Quest – 3648 mAh) and 5G module to connect to networks 5th generation. The role of the screen is the panel with a resolution of 2880х1440 pixels and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Diagonal and the viewing angle of the display were not disclosed, but due to the compact size the pixel density will be very high, 702 pieces per inch.

In the box with the device will assume one controller for games (claimed to support arcade Angry Birds simulation fishing Bait!, shooter A-10, a miniature Golf course Cloudlands 2 and others), but the main method of control will be hand gestures. Due to this, people far from VR technologies, it will be easier to learn in a virtual space.

According to Chu, his company focuses more on human interaction than on IGry. Using the usual gestures, users can press each other hands, beat his fist on the table and to toast with a glass. Virtual objects can be taken and throw – for example, you can throw Darts with friends, which in real life are at a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

Mova External camera capable of tracking objects around the person, including his feet, which will allow you to play football and other active games. Inside spaces – they are called Manova, it will be possible to meet with family members in a virtual home, colleagues in the meeting rooms or friends in theaters. In addition, users will be able to participate in social activities together with any other owners of Mova – for example, on the virtual yoga, dancing or meditation.

on sale XRSpace will go to the third quarter of the year. In the US, a new VR headset can be purchased for $599.

Text: To.Hi-tech