The experts noted a twofold increase in the leakage of personal data in 2019

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

In 2019 in open access were more than 14 billion records of personal data of users around the world. The current figure was almost two times more than in 2018. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

As pointed out by analysts, the number of reported leaks of confidential information all over the world for the year increased by 10%. In Russia the number of such incidents has increased by 40% and the number of compromised records of personal data amounted to almost 170 million.

According to experts, personal data attract more intruders. Last year, more than half of the leaks were the result of negligence of employees of the affected organizations. However, in 2019, the majority of leaks occurred as a result of hackers.

“a cliche “data is the new oil” takes on important meaning in the digital age. Personal data have a tangible value in the market, and thus attract the attention of criminals,” – said the head of Department of Analytics and special projects of the center InfoWatch Andrei Arsentiev.

Previously, banks recorded fraud cases using virus-Trojan, which is distributed in mobile banking applications for Android system. Getting on the user’s phone, it is able to automatically transfer money from the victim’s account through a banking application on smartphone for the account of the scammer.

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