Fuel issue, the Moscow refinery will increase

Photo: Stoyan Vasev

the Production of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel after the commissioning of the new installation of the “Euro+” will increase in the Moscow refinery in the first half of 2020. This was stated by the head of the Directorate of refining “Gazprom oil” Mikhail Antonov, reports news Agency “Argus”.

the Innovation will allow 2 times to increase the production of kerosene and 1.5 times the diesel fuel. The first issue will reach 1.4 million tons per year, second, to 3.2 million. Will increase production of motor fuel – from 2.3 million to 2.9 million tons per year. This will increase production efficiency.

After the launch of the Moscow refinery will be able to retire five units of the previous generation. This will increase the energy efficiency and environmental performance of the company.

After the launch of the “Euro+” in 2020, the Moscow refinery will provide the market of the Metropolitan region an additional volume of fuel. “Gazprom Neft” plans to invest 98 billion rubles.

In November, control system of electric equipment the Moscow refinery increased new mobile electrical laboratory. To assess the state of the networks now use digital equipment. It reduces the time and increases security.

the Digital model allows to accurately determine the fault location in the electric mains and gives the results of the diagnostics in online mode. Now is the time of fault in cable lines is reduced from several days to several hours.

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