A wonderful performance bulge for RTX card owners.

DLSS support for your survival match rolls on July 1. The upgrade should be a wonderful performance increase to players in what’s traditionally been a little badly optimized match.

It has been a fantastic season for Rust–even though beginning the year with its servers literally going up in flames. The sport got a enormous visual overhaul a few months before, giving it”a new look” and revamping regions of earth. The junkyard obtained a makeover, and bush displacement has been modified to earn base-building simpler.

Rust is not the only sport getting support, possibly –Nvidia is also giving Lego Builder’s Journey and Doom Eternal that the DLSS therapy.

Linux users will also be obtaining a piece of this supersampling pie, together with assistance for Vulkan matches on Proton from June 22. Added aid for DLSS-enhanced DirectX matches operating through Proton will be coming later this season.