Robots Spot can now buy one - the price of the electric car Tesla

a four-legged robot dog Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics, went on sale. In the United States he asked for $74 500 (or about 5.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate), which is comparable to the cost of an electric car Tesla Model S in the base set.

Boston Dynamics is developing a Spot for almost ten years. The mechanical hound is driven by electric motors and some of its varieties are equipped with the long “claw” reminiscent of a snake head. The manipulator allows roosebeke to grab and move objects. Spot is able to carry a weight of 14 kg, and its built-in cameras provide 360 degree visibility.

High permeability, the ability to build 3D maps of the premises and to navigate freely on the ground gave the Spot a lot of applications. His “hired” for remote inspection of potentially dangerous objects and where gas leakage, attracted to inspect construction sites, patrol parks and monitor compliance with social distance, used for remote consultation of patients with suspected COVID-19 and even forced to work as a rickshaw.

Previously, organizations and private firms in the United States could only take Spot to rent, writes The Verge. Now anyone can buy it as a full commercial product (but no more than two pieces in hand) and programmed to perform a particular task — for example, adapted to the carriage of goods, inspection of industrial facilities or the collection of measurements from sensors.

According to representatives of Boston Dynamics, Spot is not more dangerous than the drone, and the rules prohibit using it for “sabotage and intimidation” of a person. If someone of the clients, for example, attached to robots weapons, then the company shall immediately cancel the license, and then use the Spot would be impossible.

At the same time at Boston Dynamics don’t rule out that they will sell their development security firms, but doubt that it will find wide application in the field of security. “In finally, this 30-pound robot, which can easily overturn,” said the company.

While Boston Dynamics has leased a total of 150 robosonic. Plan to produce a thousand pieces this year, the company does not execute because of a pandemic coronavirus infection.

Text: To.Hi-tech