Realistic mockups 12 iPhone showed in the video

the author of the YouTube channel iupdate showed how will look the new line of iPhones. In his possession was realistic layouts of all four models of the iPhone 12, Apple will release later this year.

According to the blogger, in the series will include basic 5.4-inch iPhone 12, two 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro (a more advanced version will be equipped with 3D camera, followed by the iPad Pro 2020) and senior iPhone 12 Pro Max with screen 6.7 inches.

All new items are made in a similar manner with the iPad Pro. They will get a case with more sharp edges – like the new tablet and iPhone 4 – OLED displays and a module to connect to 5G networks. The cutout on the display, which is hidden front camera and sensor system, facial recognition Face ID, be reduced in size.

interestingly, 5.4 inch iPhone 12 will be more compact than the recently released iPhone 2 SE, although the diagonal of its screen will be more. The reason is that the new smartphone will extend from edge to edge, while the SE display version separated the framework and Home button.

presentation of the new line is expected in September. According to rumors, the iPhone package 12 will be relatively “impoverished” – the Apple will be removed from the box and charger and wired headphones. This is due to the company’s desire to increase the final price because the actual cost of the devices will grow at the expense of 5G module.

Text: To.Hi-tech