Google bought the manufacturer of

Google bought canadian manufacturer of “smart” points North. This was written in the official blog, senior Vice President of devices and services, Rick Osterloh. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

North (then Thalmic Labs) was founded in 2012. In 2019, the company released smart glasses Focals with the support of augmented reality technologies and controlled by means of a ring. The device allows you to read messages and notifications from your smartphone, to pave Hiking trails, manage “smart” home. In addition, it is possible to install your prescription lenses.

The North said that after the deal with Google collapsed support Focals 1.0 and will cancel plans to launch the 2nd generation of smart glasses. Buyers will offset any costs associated with the device.

according to experts, the deal could signal the return of search on smart-glasses market after the failure of Google Glass. This sensational project of augmented reality glasses that project the image right before the user’s eyes, was abandoned in 2015.

the Problems became unattractive for application developers, the constant accusations that glasses with a camera violates the right to privacy and the various legislative obstacles. On sale of Google Glass was never released.

Text: To.Hi-tech