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RAID on large file-sharing platform share-online.biz


In the case of an international RAID in Germany, France and the Netherlands, investigators searched homes and business, the file-sharing platform, “share-rooms-online.biz”. The operator should have spread over the platform pirated copies of movies and other content.

according to extensive evidence were seized in the Mediterranean. It will go to “incredible amounts of data,” said a spokesman at the Prosecutor’s office of Cologne-based Central point of contact Cybercrime NRW on Thursday. The elaborate action with investigators from France, the Netherlands and Germany have taken place on Wednesday.

of course, viruses on the networks and Bitcoin-ransom: So you protects against the dangers of the Internet, operators of file-sharing platform “share-online.biz is” not arrested

the target of The investigation, therefore, against three men over the age of 40, 48 and 54 years, with residences in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Saxony-Anhalt. Of the Trio’s shared Server would have been also in the Netherlands and in France. The 54-Year-old was the main suspect and I live in the Aachen region, the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office.

arrests, there were, according to DPA on. The operators were accused of, by the operation of the file-sharing platform, multiple aid for commercial unauthorized exploitation of copyrighted works committed, according to investigators. The Suspects allegedly organized online portal is the findings of the public Prosecutor’s office, the largest in Germany, operated a so-called file hosting services.

Easy to drug, weapons trafficking and illegal pornography explains: How the Darknet works have been offered a High revenue due to pirated

On the platform of his copyrighted works for Download. In addition, it have to give incentives for users to robbery to upload copies. It was about movies, series, erotic, productions, and music. By the operation of the platform, the suspects are supposed to have according to the public Prosecutor’s office from April 2008 to October 2017, with a turnover of more than EUR 50 million.

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