When a wheel rotates fast, it should have better balance. Because otherwise it could run out-of-round. In the case of car small tire on the edge of the rim-mounted pieces of metal that the wheel is hitting.

The Problem is also the operator of a for 24 people designed roundabouts knows. As long as all of the 24 evenly arranged in a circle seats are filled with serious people, everything will go well. But often, fewer passengers – and then the question of whether the carousel can be balanced anyway.

it is six people, the answer is simple. You free let passenger to passenger three places – their positions in a regular hexagonal form. So the carousel goes round.

But what about other numbers? With what people, the operation numbers is easily possible?

note: We assume that all passengers are of equal difficulty. The carousel is considered to be balanced if the common centre of gravity of all persons is identical with the center of the carousel.

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