at the beginning of the 21st century. Century, the bombs fall on the cities of the world. In Moscow it has managed a handful of people, to save themselves in the eponymous Metro and a comfort bides his time since then seamless existence between the old railway wagons and irradiated mutants. One does not want to put up with it any longer – the young Artyom has enough shafts of darkness of the subway, want to find some fresh air and a place for himself and his wife, Anna, where a fresh start is possible.

The journey to the East

As a player, we slip skin in Artem and experience of approximately 25 hours a Roadtrip through the irradiated Russia. By rail we will travel the Empire, accompanied by our soldier-mates, the former giant. The stops on our trip, among other things, a frozen swamp landscape on the Volga, a former government bunker full of monsters and the Caspian sea.

Landscape of abundant and varied, offering us “Metro: Exodus” is always the opportunity to go for long rambles through each Level. In which to discover all sorts of new equipment is waiting for adventurers in the same way as, for example, a Teddy bear, we can bring a little girl back. Deep Silver will Make the Road trip an unforgettable experience: the steam engine “Aurora” and our soldiers-pals

banks, we process together scooped up chemicals and metal parts to ammunition and healing packs or screws found essays to our guns.

assault or surreptitious action

Populated is the post-apocalyptic Russia from mutants and bandits, who make life difficult for us. Since it is very located that we can draw on a large Arsenal of handmade weapons, for we find in the course of the game with new attachments such as visors and shoulder support. How and whether we clear out a bandit camp, remains with us. We can blow with the Kalashnikov at the ready to attack – or waiting for the night, and under cover of darkness by the bases, sneak. Particularly exciting: “Metro: Exodus” rewards players several times, if you opt for the peaceful approach.

Between each of the areas we are allowed to entertain us on the train with our comrades, a well-deserved cigarette Smoking or making music, while outside the Russian Taiga pulls us over. The railway romance in pure culture. Rarely a game has such a great atmosphere, as it is “Metro”.

Whether the Volga-swamp or desert area: “Metro: Exodus” looks fantastic, even photo-realistic. The textures are resolved to the part is extremely high, the Level of are extremely lights to be credible and with much love to Detail. Only the animations of the characters could be a bit softer. Deep Silver, The atmospheric lighting contributes a lot to the atmosphere of Metro: Exodus

post Apocalypse, with the edges

Two points of criticism, there are also. The pack end-of-days atmosphere is always disturbed that the main character Artyom says the entirety of the game, no sound. No matter whether we let the comrades of the past use to reminisce or with wife Anna a break and enjoy – Artem remains silent. A barely comprehensible Design decision, especially as we hear, of all things, in the loading screens but then Artem’s voice, who reads from his diary.

Second point: “Metro: Exodus” is an extremely the mouth of foul play. From the beginning, we need to find ourselves in the game world. Contaminated areas, for instance, we recognize it only by the Ticking of a Geiger counter, toxic air that Artyom stops short of the air – who is not built for the gas mask, bless the Temporal. This makes up a not insignificant part of the appeal of “Metro: Exodus”, but may also be nervous about when our next mission will be dealt with destination in a half-sentence of a longer conversation. So we must always keep the eyes open and the tips of ears, not to miss anything. Deep Silver On the Caspian sea we are looking for Oil and water

Who doesn’t bother, but at these edges, Lust for adventure and his Gun, once stuck, will find in “Metro: Exodus”, a game in front of the screen, captivates and delivers stunning graphics. Of us there for 4 of the 5 cartridges.

“Metro: Exodus” by 4A Games and Publisher Deep Silver, released on the 15. February for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Cost: 60 Euro.

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