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Page “Prevention of domestic violence” appeared on the portal “public Services”. As reported on the official website of the Ministry of communications, order to create such a resource was given by the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

Earlier, the Vice-Premier asked three deputies of the state Duma Oksana Pushkin, Irina Rodnina and Olga Savastianova, asking to take measures in connection with the increase in the number of complaints of domestic violence after the start of the regime of self-isolation.

the page displays a list of five measures that are recommended to take in advance to have an opportunity to resolve the current crisis without the involvement of law enforcement officers. Potential victims of domestic violence are advised to keep aware of the situation of relatives and friends, to have a place where to go in case of danger, to ask the neighbors to call the police for noise and screams from the apartment, etc.

in addition, the page on “public Services” tells about the work of crisis centres offering assistance to women and women with children experiencing domestic violence. There is also a reminder about the behavior in a crisis situation and contact the relevant social services. Their phones are advised to write in advance.

“Also on the page there is a link to a global platform of the Eurasian women’s forum containing information about the main directions of the development of women agenda in the country and the world”, – is told in the message of Ministry of communications.

Text: To.Hi-tech