New mass crash occurred in the work Twitter

Photo: depositphotos/Mactrunk

the Failure in the social network Twitter has occurred in a number of countries around the world. It is reported portal Downdetector, which monitors the work of Internet resources.

Disruption of service occur from 13:34 Moscow time. Most of the cases were detected in Spain, great Britain, France, Turkey and Japan. In Russia problems downloading feel users from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara and several other cities.

According to the portal, about 85 percent are registered on Twitter can not login through the mobile app on Android. In addition, some commentators pointed to the difficulty of access to the account and interruptions in the site work.

Previously, the problem with Twitter was observed at 02:14 Moscow time. In Russia a large part of the problem reports came in of residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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