Contested election results. Following the June legislative elections, 91 appeals were filed with the Constitutional Council, which will examine the admissibility “in a very short time” in order to then rule on possible irregularities, he said on Friday July 1. in a press release. At the end of the ten-day period available to candidates and voters to file an appeal, the Council will examine “in a very short time their admissibility (…), so as to rule out in the coming weeks those who would be manifestly inadmissible” .

“The other appeals will be judged as soon as possible, after an adversarial procedure which may take into consideration the future decisions of the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Funding concerning the campaign accounts of elected officials”, specified the Constitutional Council .

The number of appeals filed this year is significantly lower than the more than 200 registered five years ago. Unsurprisingly, the elections, which were decided by a few votes, gave rise to appeals, such as the 6th constituency of Haute-Garonne, won by four votes difference by the presidential majority candidate Monique Iborra on that de la Nupes, Fabien Jouve.

Same case in the 8th of Seine-et-Marne, where the Nupes Arnaud Bonnet filed an appeal after being beaten by four votes by Hadrien Ghomi, of the presidential majority. In Paris, Nupes Caroline Mecary also filed an appeal after her defeat by 658 votes against the Minister for Europe, Clément Beaune.

Eliminated in the first round in the 4th constituency of Loiret, the former Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer filed an appeal, as he had announced. Note that Francis Lalanne, the singer eliminated in the first round in the 3rd constituency of Charente, where he won 2.12% of the vote, also seized the Council.

After reviewing the files, the Constitutional Council can either reject the challenge and validate the election, or pronounce the annulment of the election, or reform the results and declare another candidate elected (which it never did in this day). He has no time to make his decision. An appeal is not suspensive and the deputies whose election is contested may sit in the Assembly until the decision of the Council.