IPhone buyers forced to pay for power adapter and headphones

Need to catch up the competitors to use in the new iPhone expensive cellular modules that support 5G, put the Apple in a dilemma — try to sell the more expensive smartphones that can be difficult in terms of the pandemic economic crisis, or to give up a part of income. The company chose a third way.

For the use of the high speed of cellular networks is still paid by the users but not directly — the price of the smartphone will not change. As reported in a research note the most reliable expert on Apple’s plans — Ming-Chi Kuo of Securities TF — comes with the smartphone will be removed and the charger and wired headphones. The expert, thus, confirmed the appeared last week, the analysts of the British Bank Barclays.

This step will allow the company to maintain revenue despite the fact that the cost of “stuffing” the next-generation iPhone is expected to considerably increase. Simple calculations show that the total cost of separately purchased a modern 18-watt power adapter and a simple wired EarPods Lightning connector is (when buying in the US, including taxes) $ 63. Almost 10% of the cost of the “basic” iPhone 11, it is assumed that the initial model iPhone 12 will cost about the same. Besides, many will decide not to buy wired headphones, and AirPods that cost 179

According to the informants Ming-Chi Kuo in the companies-suppliers of Apple, the manufacturer plans to shoot production chargers 5 watt and 18 watt (the first equipped with the iPhone 11 and older, the second — iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro). Instead, they will produce and sell (separately) a power adapter a power of 20 watts. He appears on the photos recently leaked to the network. Equipped with this adapter are just some of the Apple tablet, but not iPhone.

As earlier wrote mass media, citing informed sources, Apple will release in the fall of 2020 four new smartphones – two with 6.1-inch diagonal screen (a more advanced version will be the 3D camera), a compact 5.4-inch unit and superfragment model with display 6.7 inches.

Text: To.Hi-tech