Singaporeans handing out gadgets to combat the spread of coronavirus

the Citizens of Singapore began to issue special devices to track potential contacts with an infected person coronavirus infection. The tracker only works over Bluetooth, exchanging signal with similar devices, caught in the immediate vicinity, as well as smartphones with the app TraceTogether.

to connect to cellular networks and GPS to determine the coordinates of the user, the gadget cannot assure the power and data is sent only within Bluetooth range. All collected information is stored encrypted to 25 days, after which it is automatically deleted.

the First new device handed out to elderly Singaporeans who live far from relatives, reports the BBC. To recharge it, and battery lasts for 9 months.

If it turns out that the person was in close contact with people infected COVID-19, will be contacted by medical personnel. But if a positive test result for COVID-19 diagnose the user, the gadget will give the health service to retrieve data.

Singapore has become one of the first countries in the world where it launched a special application for tracking contact with patients COVID-19. Released in April, the program TraceTogether does not request the geolocation, data exchange takes place exclusively via Bluetooth.

Earlier this month, foreign Minister and head of the program of development of Singapore’s “Intelligent nation” Vivian Balakrishnan said that TraceTogether downloaded 1.8 million times — or about 25% of the population. He said that it’s not enough and announced the put on device, which should help to further contain the spread of infection.

separately, the Minister stressed that the gadget is not designed for surveillance. “In particular, this device has no GPS chip. Not even connect to the Internet and cellular networks, he said. — No GPS chip, the device can not track the location or movement of people. And because the Internet cellphone preparationthe connected absent, there is no possibility to download data without the participation or consent of the user.”

Text: To.Hi-tech