In DIT called signs of a strong password

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

a strong password should contain at least eight characters, reports the Agency “Moscow”. To provide some simple personal information is not necessary, said in the capital Department of information technology (DIT).

IN DIT noted that the password should contain uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters. Such personal information as name, surname, nickname, important dates, INN, SNILS, it is better not to use. The same applies to simple words, phrases, and characters like abc and 123.

Answers to test questions should not be obvious. Don’t need to use his surname, mother’s maiden name, the school and other names.

the Department added that passwords should change every three months. For the best protection is useful to include two-factor authentication.

For those who find it difficult to come up with a password, there are a few tips. The basis of the password, you can take a line from a favorite poem, write it “small” and “large” in Latin letters, replacing some characters that look similar, and numbers.

in addition, you can choose a short, easy to remember the expression and use the first letter of each word in Latin, alternating with the digits of the telephone code or postcode recorded in reverse order. You can use a special program to generate passwords. Each site needs its own password.

the Head of the analytical center Zecurion, dealing with cybersecurity, Vladimir Ulyanov called to minimize public information about themselves on social networks. When hacking or leakage of information can be the attacker. The expert stressed that most of them are themselves employees of the resources, not hackers.

cybersecurity Experts have called the most popular passwords last year. They consisted of the most simple combinations of keys: “123456” and “qwerty”. Such combinations were found among the Internetusers in 2018. Frequent password “password” and “111111”.

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