Photo: TASS/nail Fattakhov

the Network “Red and white” checks the message about the leak of a customer database. It is reported TASS with reference to the message of the retailer.

“Now we check the information about the leak. The company carefully maintains the confidentiality of personal customer data. Any request for change of data is checked from our operators, the base closed external access”, – stated in the message.

according to the TV channel Moscow 24 users call the numbers and check whether they are fake. It is noted that several people have confirmed their data and admitted that it designed a loyalty card in store alcohol.

Earlier, experts said the doubling of leakage of personal data in 2019. During this time in open access were more than 14 billion records of personal data of users around the world.

As pointed out by analysts, the number of reported leaks of confidential information all over the world for the year increased by 10%. In Russia the number of such incidents has increased by 40% and the number of compromised records of personal data amounted to almost 170 million.

According to experts, personal data attract more intruders. In 2019 most of the leaks occurred as a result of hackers.

Base of clients of a large chain of liquor stores leaked to the Internet

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