HP and Microsoft announced an advanced VR helmet for gamers

HP and Microsoft announced a new version of the jointly developed virtual reality helmet Reverb – Reverb G2. The novelty, which will go on sale in the fall, retained the advanced features of its predecessor and has received a number of improvements. Her target audience now, not so much the business users, how many gamers.

the built-in display Resolution – 2160 x 2160 pixels for each eye is the maximum. Was the Reverb version, noted by The Verge, was suffering from dimness of the picture. In the new HP has promised to improve lenses and matrix displays to eliminate this disadvantage. The distance between the lenses can be configured, which deprived a cheaper VR device.

the Helmet will use the same tracking system in space that other devices that support the Windows platform Mixed Reality. However, chambers is more: in addition to the two at the front of the helmet added two on the sides. Due to this, the device has become closer to the competition from the Facebook – Oculus Rift or Quest

While the Reverb G2 considers the experience in Valve design Index helmet, the new HP and Microsoft do not supports up to 120 Hz refresh rate displays, only 90 Hz, and the viewing angle is 130, and 114 degrees. But the Index is borrowed the design of the audio system speakers for increased comfort and an immersive spaced from the user’s ears about an inch.

Altered and controllers – they are more comfortable, in the spirit of Oculus Touch with two extra buttons under each hand and without the trackpad. According to the HP representative John Ludwig, the task of developers was to provide the best immersive experience during games. However, nothing will prevent you to use the product for work tasks not related to games.

In the US, the novelty will go on sale this fall at a price of $ 599 is significantly more than the cost of the Oculus Rift’s, but less Valve Index.

Text: To.Hi-tech