Twitter hid the trump due to

the Social network Twitter continues to piss off one of its most active and high-level users – U.S. President Donald trump. Another tweet by the head of state was blocked by a plug with the information that it violates the rules.

to View a tweet, you can still – “Twitter employees decided not to close access, since it may be a matter of public interest” – but you need to click on it.

the publication of trump talking about the riots in Minneapolis that erupted after the killing by police of an African-American. The President, in particular, said that he had talked with the Governor of Minnesota Tim Walzem and tell him that the army is always ready to provide support. “Any problems and we’ll take control, but when you start looting, open fire. Thank you!” writes trump.

the Administration is Twitter considered a violation of the rules of the social network in relation to the glorification of violence, the words “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” – “when there is a robbery, open fire”. Besides, that tweet will appear in the feeds of users blocked by a plug, its distribution is limited – retweet entry can only comment, not “like” it or reply.

on the Eve of the US President signed a decree in which he instructed to change the rules of the regulation of social networks, in fact, introducing them for the placed user-generated content the same responsibility, which bear for their media publications. Step is due to the fact that social networks are supposedly the editorial work, at its discretion denying access to the user content or accompanying their marks. Previously Twitter has marked one of trump’s tweets as containing controversial statements and accompanied it with a link to a selection of media publications, which proves the unreliability of the words of the head of state.

Text: News.Hi-tech