At the request of the opposition, the deputies unanimously reduced the deadlines to January 31, 2023 on Wednesday for the collection of Covid health data and a possible health pass at the borders, during the examination in committee of the first text of the legislature.

The deadline initially set in this bill ran until March 31, 2023.

With limited scope, this new “health watch and security” text, expected Monday July 11 in the hemicycle, makes it possible to extend health data collection systems (Covid tests, vaccination) and set up a possible pass health at the borders if the health situation so requires.

In disagreement with the deadline proposed by the government, the oppositions demanded to advance the review clause.

“You no longer have an absolute majority”, so you need “reasonable methods” of “co-construction” of the law, pleaded LR Raphaël Schellenberger and Philippe Gosselin. The Insoumis Ugo Bernalicis insisted on the sensitivity of data collection.

The Macronist deputies first stressed the need to “step over winter”, a period deemed to be at risk for the resumption of the epidemic.

After a suspension of the session and a “compromise”, the deputies unanimously adopted two amendments from LR Dino Cinieri bringing the deadline to January 31, 2023.

“It was agreed that we could agree on a date which would be January 31 and that there would be a summons from the Minister of Health halfway through to answer all your questions,” said the rapporteur. LREM Caroline Abadie, in the Law Commission.

LR Philippe Gosselin hailed “a change of attitude” from the majority and “very significant progress”.

In the presidential majority, the MoDem Erwan Balanant praised this “new method” of “co-construction” and “mutual listening”.

“For the first time, we discussed, wow. But let’s not tell stories, you weren’t in the majority on these amendments”, nuanced the Insoumis Ugo Bernalicis, addressing the macronists.

“Hooray, we negotiated”, also relativized the communist Elsa Faucillon.

The main current measures of health restrictions (possible triggering of the vaccination pass, gauges, etc.) end on July 31.

The deputies voted for an amendment by Philippe Gosselin (LR), calling for an assessment of the state of emergency and a more “sustainable” “legal framework” in the face of health crises.

Apart from the reduction of the deadline to January 31, the bill was generally contested by elected RNs as well as Nupe deputies, with amendments to delete its two articles.

On the far right, Jordan Guitton (RN) denounced “liberticidal political instruments”.

On the left, the Rebellious Elisa Martin criticized “culpable lack”, demanding “free tests”.

The bill, which does not arouse much hostility at LR, has however obtained the green light from the Law Commission and should experience the same fate in the hemicycle.

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