A hemicycle inflated to block, a few boos and invectives, for a speech focused on the “compromise”: atmosphere of the great days Wednesday at the National Assembly for the declaration of general policy by Elisabeth Borne.

At the time of the big oral at 3:00 p.m., places are expensive in the stands, with several hundred journalists present.

For the first time classified by political formation in the hemicycle, the 577 deputies – rarely masked while Covid contaminations are rising sharply – for some are looking for their place on their arrival.

From the first words of Ms. Borne, the majority is in support, but no applause resounds side LFI and RN, and some boos are heard.

When the Prime Minister calls on the opposition to “build together” “compromises”, for lack of an absolute majority for the presidential camp, a few laughs burst out.

When, fuchsia jacket on black dress, she pays tribute to the caregivers, the applause fed by the majority is blurred by slamming desks and “hypocrite!” coming from the side of the left coalition Nupes. “No such demonstrations in the hemicycle”, launches Yaël Braun-Pivet at the Perchoir.

The head of government is sometimes interrupted, for example by the left on unemployment: “it’s wrong”, “shame on you” …

On social networks, critics are emerging.

With France Travail, “France is saved”, ironically Jean-Philippe Tanguy (RN), while his far-right colleague Julien Odoul castigates on Twitter “a tasteless, disconnected Macronie”.

“Beside what we are currently experiencing, (Jean) Castex was a fiery orator! Pity!!”, Says the rebellious Alexis Corbière on the form, who points to a “storm of truisms”.

The communist Fabien Roussel sees him “a red line crossed” on pensions, when Ms. Borne tells the French that they will have to “work gradually a little longer”.

In return, the elected Renaissance Karl Olive observes that “it will have taken less than eight minutes for the artists of LFI to confuse the National Assembly with the Grand Cabaret of Patrick Sébastien”. Other walkers are moved by a lack of “respect for institutions”.

During an intervention of nearly 1h30, the Prime Minister faces up. This reputedly tenacious technician admits that she does “perhaps not correspond to the robot portrait that some were expecting”, and claims not to have “the providential woman complex”.

Thirty-one years after her only predecessor Edith Cresson, heckled and mocked for her voice deemed too thin, Ms. Borne, 61, repeatedly repeats the word “together”. As a pledge of this will, it takes care to cite the names of the various presidents of political groups, with the exception of the RN and LFI.

After the speech, the criticism continued.

At the podium, Marine Le Pen (RN), points to a situation “out of control” for the government, while Mathilde Panot (LFI) vilifies a “save-it-can strategy”.

Raphaël Schellenberger, on the LR side, mocks a “roadmap of commonplaces”. Same story with Nupes: “We will do better. How? By not changing anything but together”, quips the socialist Olivier Faure. “Allegory of Boredom”, for the rebellious François Ruffin.

The majority, like Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons), on the contrary welcomes a “balanced” and “open” speech. A project “coherent and open, in the face of cries and protests unworthy of the Assembly”, for Violette Spillebout (LREM).

The policy statement does not conclude with an unsolicited vote of confidence. For lack of “other choice” according to them, the Nupes left alliance tabled its motion of censure, renamed “motion of no confidence”, half an hour before Ms. Borne took the floor.

Closing the debates, the Prime Minister is ironic about this “legal and political object (which) does not exist”: “you will seek to censor a government which begins its work”…

06/07/2022 19:10:33 –         Paris (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP