Google has accelerated the search key information

Google has made it easier for the users to quick find the information you need. Now when you go to third party website from the search results, the page will automatically be scrolled to the desired fragment, and he highlighted in yellow.

according to SearchEngineLand, the new feature does not work with all links in Google, only with blocks of Featured Snippets that contain a direct answer to a user question. Snippets are displayed at the top of search results.

As shown by the test Вестей.Ru, new feature already available in Chrome. Here’s how it looks:

a Search snippet with a link to “Wikipedia”

The same fragment are highlighted in yellow.

webmasters no changes to the markup are required. As noted in the official Google Twitter account, the new function was based on the technology Scroll To Text (“Scroll test”), which allows you to create a link to a specific word or phrase in the text of the page (like on YouTube — the movie opened at a certain minute). When you click on a tab the page scrolls to the desired selection automatically.

There is no markup needed by webmasters. This happens automatically, using, Scroll To Text for HTML pages See also more background here:

– Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) June 3, 2020

Together with this in Google recognize that support for new features can be scoped to a single browser version. “If the browser is not supported we need technology or our systems are unable to accurately determine to which region on the page you want to redirect, clicking on the highlighteding description, the user will go to the top of the page,” it says on the support site.

the Authors of The Verge confirmed the efficiency of the new features in the desktop version of Chrome and mobile Safari. However, when you switch from the same snippets table Edge and Safari yellow highlighting was not displayed.

Text: To.Hi-tech