Ubisoft’s open-world romp can be enjoyed best with Britain’s favorite sausage roll.

Fighting pseudo-religious extremists can be difficult work, especially in Montana where there isn’t enough sausage rolls. One Far Cry 5 mapper brought Greggs, a British high-street staple, to Ubisoft’s open-world cult-basher.

Greggs is a ubiquitous bakery chain in Blighty, for those not from Brits. Mojo Swaoptops, a mapper based in Edinburgh, decided to recreate the sandwich shop by using the game’s shockingly detailed map editor.

It’s an alarmingly accurate facsimile. Although the font is a bit off, and the shelves are filled with upside-down hamburgers and fruit baskets on the shelves, it’s easy to see the vibes from far away. The warm glow of a PS3 and a sausage roll illuminate a otherwise dark street in Scotland. It’s soothing to watch him carefully stock the shelves and panel the floors before placing a delicate seagull outside.

Mojo has some more interesting builds on his YouTube channel. These mundane builds are what I love the most, especially when they are related to my hometown. The Cowgate scene on Friday night was captured. Also, the chaotic Tesco parking lot. Mojo, a friend and colleague from Edinburgh, returned to recreate Leith’s monolithic Banana Flats.

Far Cry 6 will unfortunately be the first game in the Far Cry series to eliminate these mapping tools and abandon Arcade completely. Gregg’s will not be striking Mojo soon with a Copyright Takedown, but I am confident.