Falcon-9 launched 60 satellites Starlink, and its first stage returned to Earth

the Falcon 9 Rocket SpaceX was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral. 15 minutes after takeoff it lifted into orbit 60 satellites Starlink, designed to create a cheap and high-speed Internet channel and technical transmitters that will provide the connection between the Earth and the orbit.

the First stage of the rocket successfully landed on the platform, the drone in the ocean. It is named Just Read The Instructions – “Just read the instructions”. From Elon musk, it is a tradition to call an unmanned platform names of ships from the stories of Scottish science fiction writer Iain banks. The second platform Mask landing stages called Of Course I Still Love You – “of Course I still love you.”

With the help of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 into orbit previously derived satellites Telstar 18 mission VANTAGE (2018), Iridium mission-8 (2019) and two missions Starlink (2019 and 2020).

operating altitude satellites Starlink – 550 kilometers. They will rise to it, including its on-Board ion engines. However, before machines will be released on the working orbit, SpaceX engineers will hold their diagnosis.