Munich – while The countenance of judge, Hildegard Bock was serious. “Something like this must never happen again,” she said to Martin P. (36, the Name has been changed). “You have endangered a number of people!” The district court, the Chairman read to the stall owners on Monday, the Levites. The reason: the Schwabinger Christmas market p. 11. December 2017, threw two smaller explosive devices in a group of visitors. Precautions according to the indictment, in order to you “” because you Drink had blocked the mulled wine.

addresses, opening Hours, special features: Munich’s most beautiful Christmas markets at a Glance

At the “Münchner Freiheit” Martin F. self-selling manufactured metal jewelry. But time and again, visitors to the surrounding stalls were Were in front of his featured. On several occasions Martin F. have asked you to make, and had become a loud, stressed his defender. But the visitors would not react as desired. “Then it came, unfortunately, to a short-circuit reaction.”

Martin F. lit until the firecrackers, threw him, hit, waited, and then detonated the next. “You have intentionally led an explosives-Explosion – in the midst of a crowd of people”, and accused him of the state’s attorney. A visitor was injured. And at the Christmas market, a smaller Chaos broke out: Some visitors were scared whether the POPs, against 20 p.m., the police moved to the Münchner Freiheit. To the officers, Martin B. a immediately confessed to everything, like yesterday, before the district court. “I’m very sorry. That was a stupid action from me.“

And a very dangerous: a man who stood directly in front of the Stand, Martin P., suffered a blast injury and had to be treated. “I’m stunned,” said the Prosecutor. “Fortunately, no mass panic arose. Every child knows that firecrackers injured or even Dead litters – every year on new year’s eve.“

Parallel to the Berlin-based attacks

To come: a number of visitors are now aware of the fact that “Christmas markets are in the crosshairs of terrorist attacks,” as they did in December 2016 and see in Berlin. At the Breitscheidplatz died at the time, eleven people, as a tractor in the Christmas market raced. 55 other people were injured.

firecrackers at the Schwabinger Christmas market: the judgment of the judge

“you had not in the Hand what is happening. It could have been a fire break out,“ said the judge and sentenced Martin to 15 months probation. Guilty he was of dangerous bodily harm and coercion. He must perform 100 hours of community service.

“My client regrets the fact until today. He has, unfortunately, lost the nerve,“ said defender Thomas Novak. Last Winter, Martin P. have lives, financial problems and a relationship crisis.

The Prosecutor was able to shake only the head: “As a stall owner, someone like you is unfit. Unfortunately, I can’t prohibit them,“ complained he, Martin P., the indicated year 7000 Euro as revenue. This year, he will be well-represented at the Christmas market.

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Andreas Thieme