“I’m the only artist-poet of politics”. Mélenchon knows how to speak of him, and of everything in general – his qualities as a captain and his mastery of the art of oratory are unanimous. But as highlighted by the two authors of the book Mélenchon at the gates of power (First editions), Mélanie Delattre and Clément and Fayol, if the member is a “man of letters”, he is also and undeniably a “man of numbers” : it is defined, in November 2017 as an “ant ” enterprising” would not have made wealth an obsession, but a “prior to its conquest of power.” A peculiarity, which the man “boasts little, but he was still allowed to put financially secure”. While three judges to investigate and document currently available on the funding and accounts of his election campaign in 2017, and the assistants in the european parliament, the report takes on a flavour.

(First Editions)

After you have dived into the new world of France Insubordinate (BIA) and examined the deceased left Party, met a number of sources, and stripped of arid documents, the two journalists look for example on the discrete role of Marie-France Oprandi, the unknown, which reigns over the finances of Mélenchon and its structures since its earliest campaigns, in the Essonne. This lady talkative is nicknamed “the Prussian”, explain the authors, because of its “accounting discipline”.

Unfortunately, the book, curly before the raid, conducted under the auspices of the parquet de Paris on 16 October this year in multiple venues related to the BIA does not explain how this “rigor” has, however, allowed the police officers to find 12 000 euros for the driver of the former minister – Mélenchon, who does not drive, can not move without being carried by someone.

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“Ubérisation” frameworks

Until the recent cases – her first big glitch by the court, a few small controversies have tainted the career of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, recount Mélanie Delattre and Clément and Fayol. The use of a driver of the general council of the Essonne, then, that he had just been elected member of the european parliament has earned him a recall to the law on the part of justice in 2007, that’s all. But with the campaign of 2017, summarize, and despite the will of the faithful treasurer to save his boss “a lot of the Nicolas Sarkozy”, the untamed are going to enter the hard thanks to a few strings : “ubérisation of the main frameworks of the campaign – employees as entrepreneurs when they could have been employees, appearance of structures artificially independent of the candidate to the benefits and costly with little detail, mixing incest between events supporters, and hunting to voice”, not to mention pretty recharges.

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The system has grown from the time when the support of the communist Party was no longer acquired for the campaign of 2017, in contrast to that of 2012. In the months that preceded the presidential election, a dozen of micro-blending bloom as well in the entourage of the candidate, allowing for example to make the economy for all of their holders to the payment of expenses and allowing the account of the campaign to save vigorously on wages… All this is told with considerable detail in the book, between chapters exciting on the populism of the “brother Mélenchon” – that the Great Eastern threat, moreover, to suspend from the searches agitated last October, the networks of marseille, or even its rear base of the Essonne.

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With a heritage, therefore, to him who was made fun of in his youth from his friends, owners, Jean-Luc Mélenchon did according to the book, curiously not reported to the High authority for transparency in public life (HATVP) the rights of authors that he receives regularly from the sale of his books (of success). It is that he pays regularly these rights to associations that are close, but it is not known if the sums are fully paid, if a contract has been signed to this object with the publishing house… The authors have not been able to remove the mystery : Mélenchon has refused to answer them. On the other hand, penetrate the closed world of the untamed, the authors are almost there !