One immortal parasite god vs. a single bouncy hammerboy.

Even for a Destiny 2 veteran, the thought of facing a raid boss such as Riven of a Thousand Voices while playing solo is terrifying. Even with the normal grind, it can be difficult to face such an encounter with less than a full party and some luck. Unless you are the player who has discovered the most likely highest DPS in the game, which allows him to almost one-hit every raid boss to death.

Ehroar, a YouTuber, posted his findings on Thursday. Ehroar used Destiny 2’s Sunbreaker class for the Titan to equip the Throwing Hammer. It automatically recharges melee once it’s picked up. For good measure, Ehroar also added the Burning Maul and Tireless Warrior buff attributes. Ehroar loves to dig into Destiny 2’s numbers. He even created guides for eternal grenade spamming, ultimate dodging, and ultimate dodging after Beyond Light was released.

You can do admirable 21,000 damage by hitting the bounty target Shayotet Papyr with a normal hammer throw. Your hammer will do 47,000 damage if you buff it with Roaring Flames. This is 2.2x. After hitting an enemy with each shotgun pellet, the One-Two punch weapon perk buffs damage once more. The hammer can then take 64,000 damage. Another 1.3x buff is provided by the Tractor Cannon shotgun. The Wormgod Gauntlets stack up to five buffs per melee kill. Although it is harder to chain, it allows the hammer to do 160,000 damage.

All of these will give you a 64.35x buff and a 1,380,000 damage count.