Great wall city – In the case of a chemical accident with a corrosive liquid have been injured in Swiss francs, with 14 employees, a contact lenses manufacturer. In a commercial building in the great wall city (Landkreis Miltenberg) was early in the Morning, so-called acryloyl chloride, the police announced on Thursday. The colorless, pungent-smelling liquid was running out in a storage room.

In episode 14 employees complained of irritation of eyes and respiratory tract. Two of them were taken to the hospital. For the population, the fire Department was able to give a little later the all-clear.

acryloyl chloride can be

acryloyl chloride is highly toxic and can ignite easily. The liquid can cause severe burns and eye damage, and fatal if Inhaled. What the company needs to have the fluid, couldn’t tell the police. Why in the hazardous materials, will now be determined, it said.

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