Who wants to save, is flying with a cheap Airline and not required to volunteer on something to eat or drink on Board. If you want to take something to the order, of course, with the Crew aboard. However, this is usually quite expensive, especially if drinking is to be given money.

tip give or take on the plane – is that allowed?

With the airline Frontier Airlines, a passenger had an unusual Situation in the plane, such as the Portal, The Sun reported: On his screen at the seat he had ordered a non-alcoholic drink. According to the order of the lettering is appreciated funds appeared: “drinking.” Including 15, 20 and 25 percent had been to choose from, also you could enter manually an amount, or no tip.

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On demand it was called by the Airline: “Currently, all the members of the Crew are put on certain flights, gratuities. From 1. January 2019 to get a flight attendant gratuities to your individual sales.” The received gratuities would only go to the Crew, not the company itself, as it is called. A partial financing of the staff by tipping at an Airline, but leaves behind an aftertaste.

but Are allowed gratuities to flight attendants and flight attendants at all? According to a former employee who spoke to the Portal of the USA Today, not flight attendants, no drinking should take money, as this was “not allowed”.

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