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Bauhaus: Where the Modern myth


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It takes not even half a year more until the big anniversary of the Bauhaus. A century ago, was founded by Walter Gropius in the rather quiet town of Weimar, the legendary art school, whose ideas were spread after the forced closure by the national socialists all over the world. It should be one of the most important cultural export of Germany. At all three locations – the original location in Weimar, the headquarters of Dessau and, as the last address Berlin – the emergence of new museums and additions, because everywhere burst the Depots from the seams, there is yet enough exhibition opportunities.

While in Berlin, everything is focused on the opening of the festival in January, because of the extension building for the Bauhaus archive will only be in 2022 completed, and the Dessau Bauhaus Foundation last rather due to the projection of the Band Fine cream fish fillet, one works in Weimar, determined to continue, anywhere in the city of Goethe, Schiller, and Nietzsche.

The big anniversary has become the occasion for a whole quarter in the North, to rearrange, to put in the center of a new course, the University Campus to refresh and the Haus am Horn is the only authentic Bauhaus architecture of the place is authentically restore. The flagship of all these changes by the Berlin architect Heike Hanada-designed Museum building is a large gray cube, in its facade as a Band at the very top, the words “bauhaus museum” in programmatic small font embedded.

The Museum aims to develop the traction to open the between the station and the city centre, yet it Terrain as a cultural area. District Weimar Modernism, the area is in the future. It can form an Alternative to the popular sites of Weimar classicism – with the Nazi Gauforum, in which the Thuringian state administration, with the end of the Nineties-von Gerkan, Marg and partners set Weimar hall, as well as the New Museum, which dates back to the year 1869.

so Far, the defiant Gauforum dominated, however, with the brownish grass area in between. It almost would have been involuntarily, even a revenant of the Western wing from the Gauforum – as a mirror image in the glass façade of the Bauhaus Museum. This was prevented at the last Moment, the architect made a new proposal for the Front. Now, it is just bare concrete. The cube in the future umkränzen 24 LED lines, to throw in the dark, a friendly light. The submissions are already there.

Installation by Saraceno in the Foyer

Also in the Interior, it still needs a lot of imagination to imagine how it to the opening on 5. April 2019. The structures are visible, flowing spaces with Jumps, each up to the next floor. The Foyer is adorned with an 11-metre-high mesh-like Installation with a Flip of the Berlin sculptor Tomás Saraceno, a kind of utopian city, which is the interlocking of the disciplines symbolizing, as it was for the Bauhaus typical. In the first floor of the Holy of holies, those of Gropius put together collection, which he left in 1925, the Palace Museum, as the Bauhaus was in accordance with the change of government in Weimar no longer desired, and the Conservatives cut off funding.