These releases will be added to Grand Theft Auto V’s expanded edition and Grand Theft Auto Online Standalone by 2022.

Take-Two Interactive revealed recently that it is currently working on three “iterations” of previously released titles. Rockstar Games, 2K and Private Division have three remakes, upgrades or remasters scheduled for release next year. But, it seems that there are three more.

Rumours circulated earlier this year about a Grand Theft Auto 3 remake, as well as its spinoffs Vice City or San Andreas. These rumors are still unconfirmed and unsubstantiated. They would still fit Take-Two’s remaster strategy which relies on complete remakes of older titles as well as slight updates to the newer ones. Last year’s Mafia: Definitive Edition is a great example of that in action. They might also fit in with the recent legal actions Take-Two shot out around Grand Theft Auto 3 mods.