LREM MP Rémy Rebeyrotte made a Nazi salute in the National Assembly hemicycle to show an elected RN that he should not do it himself, he told AFP, while Marine Le Pen asked Tuesday to sanction Mr. Rebeyrotte.

During a vote on July 12 on the health bill, where the majority was beaten, “a big guy from the RN got up making the Nazi salute” at the back of the bays, assures the deputy of Saône -et-Loire.

Mr. Rebeyrotte then mimicked the gesture, telling him that “you shouldn’t do that”.

The chosen one of the majority was seen in particular by Marc Le Fur (LR), who challenged him at the microphone: “Don’t start again (…) it was not beautiful Mr. Rebeyrotte”.

The next day, the LREM deputy published a small post on Facebook where he recounts having then suffered “the physical pressure of three fachos, including the author of the facts”, at the refreshment bar of the parliamentarians.

He indicates that he will seize the office of the National Assembly, its highest collegiate body.

But Tuesday at the conference of presidents of the National Assembly, the patron saint of deputies RN Marine Le Pen denounced the Nazi salute of Mr. Rebeyrotte and asked for sanctions, we learned from a participant.

“I assume”, affirms the elected representative of the majority. He regularly addresses RN elected officials off the microphone, throwing at them: “I find you a little national socialist” or “it looks like Nuremberg at rush hour”.

Far-right MPs have never been so numerous, with a group of 89 members. They are in the midst of a quest for respectability and intend to continue the “de-demonization” of the RN.

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