Amazon employees in Germany went on strike due to coronavirus

the Staff of six logistics centres for Amazon in Germany went on strike. According to workers, coronavirus infection COVID-19 was diagnosed in 30-40 of their colleagues, and the management refuses to take any action.

the Company of Jeff Bezos, reported by Reuters, representatives of local trade Union Verdi, puts in the forefront the profit, not the health and safety of workers. “According to our information, was infected with at least 30-40 of our colleagues,” said they.

the Strike was held under the slogan “For a good and healthy work.” As expected, the campaign will last at least two days. How many people will postpone the work, not specified.

Germany is Amazon’s second largest market after the United States. The company argued that since Feb ordered to this country, with 470 million of antiseptics to disinfect hands, 21 million pairs of gloves, 19 million masks and other face protection, as well as 39 million boxes of disinfectant wipes.

the spread of infections COVID-19 logistics centers Amazon in Europe identified earlier, however, the firm refused to close these facilities. “Priority to deliver the merchandise to your doorstep – it is vitally important in conditions when socially distanced, especially the elderly and other people with health problems,” explained Amazon.

Text: To.Hi-tech