The gaming industry is massive, and game designing talent is on-demand, as new games continue developing every day. If you consider FIFA, and PES, they are games updated each year, and new things are introduced to improve players’ experience.

Game designing is a path you can choose, and you will require to be competent enough to achieve success in this career, which is so interesting.

People often confuse game designing for game development, but there is a difference, and you need to understand it before choosing the career;

Game designing versus game development

A game designer is responsible for providing ideas and improving all game areas, such as the plot, level of difficulty, character development, and user interfaces. On the other hand, the developer is responsible for the initial making of the game and the implementation of the designer’s ideas.

Now that you are clear on what is game designing, let’s take a look at some of the qualities that you need as a game designer;

Ability to work with a team

Teamwork is involved in achieving a game’s success, and an individual cannot contribute to a game’s success alone, and that’s why you need to be a team player as a designer.

Game designers, and developers work hand in hand, as a developer is responsible for implementing the designers’ ideas. As a designer, you must develop the ability to create rapport with people, and work well with them.

In designing games, you need help from other people with various talents, such as art, or even creative writing. Working with expert artists such as Max Lang-Orsini is vital to help you succeed in game designing.

Training, and education

There are many ways to get into the career of game designing, but you need the training to succeed even with skills. The most common way to get relevant education is to get into an established college.

Colleges offer an excellent way to start a career because they can link you with opportunities to help you grow, such as internships. Once you get an education and gain experience by working with large companies, you can consider starting a studio and becoming an independent designer.


The creative part of developing a game depends on a game designer. As a designer, you will have to develop plots, create characters, and other features that require creative thinking. You will also have to identify issues affecting players’ experience, and work on solving them.

Passion for video games

There is no way you can become a good game designer if you do not love playing the games. Most successful designers love playing the games, and before designing, they loved playing and extended their love and learned how to play a part in creating the games.

You can only know what players love, and what needs improvement only if you play the game. Passion will help you strive to achieve success in game designing.

Bottom Line

Game designing is a challenging task, but you can be guaranteed success in the long run if you put in time and effort. It is essential to remember that teamwork is a crucial component to your success as a game designer.