Ultimate, Super Plus E10 – the many names of the dispensers can confuse. Not infrequently it happens that the driver engages the wrong column and petrol instead of Diesel or Vice-versa Diesel instead of gasoline fuel. This confusion can add to the car in the worst case, high damage. You can do if you have incorrectly fueled.

Wrong fuel: what you can do

Ideally you noticed the error, of course, still at the tap. Then you should stop the filling process immediately. The car should not be started after that, so the wrong tank enters the fuel pump, such as the ADAC reported.

case, you will notice the mistake only when driving, you should stop as quickly as possible, stop the engine and do not restart. You filled the wrong fuel, you realize, usually, to a stuttering engine, as reported by Focus Online. In both cases, to immediately Call the breakdown service or a workshop, so that the Tank can be pumped out. Usually also can be found in the operating instructions manual of the car information, what should you do in such a case.

This can happen if you refuel with gasoline instead of Diesel

Have you fueled petrol instead of Diesel and then the engine is started, this can cause a high damage to the car. In the worst case, the entire injection system needs to be replaced, including the tank. Especially newer diesel vehicles with a direct injection system with Common Rail or pump-nozzle System, are sensitive.

In the case of older diesel cars, it depends on the quantity of petrol, the tank was. In the case of cars with a swirling or Diesel pre-chamber principle, a small amount of gasoline is often not so harmful. Nevertheless, it should also be in this case, the Tank is best cleaned out.

This can happen if you have Diesel instead of gasoline refueling

If you fill in instead of petrol Diesel in your Tank, is the devastating it’s not like that in the opposite case. It depends on the amount of Diesel, the tank was. This was just low, you can drive slowly when refueling always petrol, the Diesel concentration in the Tank remains low.

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you Have tanked, however, a lot of Diesel, they will not come to a poop. In both cases, you should contact the breakdown service or a workshop, because damage to the fuel pump can not be excluded.

E10 instead of E5, regular gasoline instead of premium: This is to do

Is released of your car for E10, this is a confusion of E5 and E10 is safe. In the other case, you should let the Tank but to pump it out, because the E10 can damage the engine. The instructions of the car manufacturer should be observed. According to the ADACs, it may be sufficient when the Tank is immediately filled with an ethanol-poor fuel. In the case of a full filling of the tank, the Tank must be pumped out.

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Refuel with regular petrol instead of Super or Super Plus, this is less of a problem. You can normally continue if you require the car, no high performance as driving with a trailer or at high speeds. The correct fuel should be refilled.

fueled False: These costs come on top of them

How much do you have to pay, if you have filled your Tank wrong, depends on whether you are with the car or it did not start. A pure pumping costs in the rule, depending on the model, starting at about 100 euros. The injection system is damaged, this can cost several thousand euros. In older cars this is often a total loss. Whether or not your insurance covers the damage, you will need to check individually – most insurance companies do not pay in the case of a misfuelling.

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