You would think that a Euro piece is exactly the number that is on it. But collectors know that Rare coins can bring much more. The reason for this: Often they have a small blemish, or even serious bug embossing.

2-Euro-coin from Austria, with the famous likeness

as a result, these money pieces are so unique that collectors of tear almost all of them. Finally, rare specimens are in the collection a real eye-catcher. Almost every day they exchange on the Online marketplace eBay, and offer your coins at auction.

So this seller who would like to bring a 2 Euro coin to the man or the woman. This comes according to him, from Austria, and bears the image of Berta freifrau von Suttner. She was awarded in 1905 as the first woman to with the Nobel peace prize.

The piece of Money, which dates back to the year 2014, has some of the characteristics that do not quite fit: the left eye looks like it would not even exist and would instead tears out of the Pit out of the roll.

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54,000 euros for Mule – but it is awkward

The Euro logo is embossed twice, the seller, the number at the top of a pimple and is a bit thicker. In addition, the jacket has, on the right side of the groove.

For the beautiful piece will have the seller a whopping 54,000 euros. The only drawback, it makes one wonder: He gives no guarantee and no warranty since it is a private sale. Well, who dares?

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